Semalt Expert Elaborates On 10 Awesome Features Of Online Data Extractor

An online data extractor is the application designed to extract or scrape useful data from different web pages. It is simple and easy to use and allows us to own the data conveniently. Moreover, this data extraction software enables us to save and export the information in a variety of formats. Some of its distinctive features are mentioned below.

1. Ideal for marketing professionals:

The online data extractor offers different powerful time-saving options and helps us manage and automate the lead generation process. It extracts business leads, allowing us to market the products, target potential clients and make more money on the internet.

2. Great for enterprises:

This software has come with unique options that make it ideal for enterprises, companies and multinational agencies. It focuses on summarizing the bid data for easy and quick decision making procedure. Using the online data extractor, you can save a lot of time, efforts and money while promoting your brand internationally.

3. Makes online research easy:

Online Data Extractor lets us access its database of different business categories, making our online research easier than before. It currently has more than 400 business categories and helps extract data for lead generation, online research and product marketing.

4. Helps in keyword research:

Its accurate and powerful keyword research option lets you monitor the local search keywords. you can also find out which keywords are being searched the most and how to rank your website properly, improving its search engine rankings.

5. B2B & B2C business leads:

Online Data Extractors collects and monitors the B2B & B2C business leads from over 20 data sources, thanks to its real-time data intelligence algorithms for making it possible. It not only generates business leads but also saves the extracted data on its server or gets it downloaded on your hard disk.

6. Competitive analysis:

The software's competitive analysis or hybrid generator tool allows us to access strategic intelligence data for business purposes. It helps our sites appear in local search engines and prepares business listings on a regular basis. Moreover, it gives edge to our extracted data and makes it usable for the businesses.

7. Business listing audits:

Online data extractor helps you collect information about payment methods, domain names, and makes business listing audits for you. In addition, it collects email addresses for you so that you can market your products easily and can save the data for later use.

8. Extract multiple types of data:

Using the online data extractor, you can collect different types of data and can maintain its quality. It offers support for multi-business category searches, helping brands, enterprises and agencies collect useful data from different web pages as per their requirements and expectations.

9. Great for digital marketers:

This tool provides bulk email marketing options and helps bring your brand to the peaks of success. Thus, it is great for digital markets and is powered with SMS & Email marketing options.

10. Supports different output formats:

This application supports a variety of output formats, including text files, CSV files, HTML and Excel. It means you can save and export your extracted data in any format as per your business requirements and expectations.